It's been quite a rollercoaster year for singer, Ariana Grande. From her breakup with rapper, Mac Miller, who recently passed, to her engagement and recent breakup with Pete Davidson, many of us were worried about her wellbeing and state of mind. To our relief, the 25 year old dropped a breakup song last weekend, and it's everything we all needed. 

But the song isn't what you'd expect from someone who's just split from her love. 

Do you remember the last time you went through a breakup? Picture that night you were eating noodles from the pot with puddles in your eyes, trying not to choke on your cries, and wondering if life would ever be bright enough again (sorry, did it get a bit too specific?) - wasn't that the worst?

Those few weeks after you breakup with someone - whether or not it was your idea to call it quits - can feel like your world is coming to an end, but Ariana's new song reminds us that breakups don't have to be the end of everything. 

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In the song 'Thank u, next', Ariana names her exes and mentions the things that she learned from being with them. Love, patience and pain are what she took from the failed relationships, and she moves on to the next chorus by explaining how she has met herself and how she is moving on from the drama and moving on to other things with gratitude to her exes for the lessons. 

There is so much to learn from regardless of how sour things turned out to be. Even with that ex of yours that you wish could disappear from the face of the earth (to put it mildly), there is something about that relationship that changed you for the better and made you stronger in some or other way. This is what Ariana is singing about, and this is what we're here for. 

Listen to the song below, and though you're not obligated to call all your exes and say thank you, next, you could reflect on how far you've come since the breakup and celebrate the strength that is you. 

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