Anti-ageing is usually the selling point of many beauty products. “You look like sisters” is also seen as one of the greatest compliments for older women standing next to their younger counterparts.

The grace, wisdom and confidence that come with getting older is often overlooked.

Beyond ageing itself, there’s also something to be said about looking back in time, seeing physical evidence of what's changed. I mean, what else would make the 10-year challenge such a global sensation?

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Personally, I prefer reflection of the past rather that longing for it – and this is exactly what the latest internet trend to be resurrected reminds me of. Multiple photoshop-savvy artists have taken it upon themselves year after year to create portraits of celebrities today and decades ago.

So much has happened since Beyoncé was in Destiny’s Child, since Kim Kardashian was in high school and since Lisa Bonet had permed hair. There’s a reason why this photoshop trend, dating back to at least 2014, keeps coming back – and the proof is in these images.


Michelle Obama


Tina Turner

Lisa Bonet

Aretha Franklin

Kim Kardashian


Barbra Streisand 


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Lady Gaga

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