In the Instagram post, which featured two images snapped of Bontle dressed in black underwear while in front of the mirror, she begins by referring to the recent comments on her weight loss.

“You’ve changed! As of late, you’ve been greeted by the mention of how much weight you’ve lost,” she wrote candidly in the post to which she added, “True.”

The Hear Me Move actress, also goes onto to reveal without going into too much detail the “testing levels of variations in hardship,” she experienced in 2018.

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“…insecurities, injuries, scrutiny, learning how far you can go, you danced, you made love, you had inconsistent eating and sleeping patterns, you superseded my mind when it told you give up, you taught me more about the things you love, the things you hate and what you just won’t take - man!” Bontle added in the post.

“I tested you!” she wrote making reference to her journey.

“But the toughest was you experiencing a pain that you will one day be courageous enough to speak about. Until then, continue to heal,” she continued in the post.

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The 28-year-old Ultimate House Party co-judge, went on to further remind herself of “the intense love” she has for her body and the goals she wanted to achieve in 2019 – one of which included dance sessions to help others, “find love for themselves in their trues form.”

Check out Bontle’s full post below.