For me, Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for you to remind your partner how you feel about them. But in my view, Valentine's Day should be every day. I will be in New Orleans on that day, so perhaps I need to find someone in America to be my bae for the day! It’s important to constantly remind your partner how you feel about them; tell them they're beautiful, tell them you love them, and buy them flowers. Those simple things go a long way.

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It serves as a reminder to appreciate my loved ones. For my wife and me every day is Valentine’s Day. This year we are planning something extra special to show how much we appreciate each other.

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I am a fan of love so anything that celebrates love brings me joy.  I love Valentine’s Day but I really wish we could express love on a daily basis, you know. I will be working at the Evening of Love event that is hosted every year by Ghetto Ruff at the Sun Arena Time Square in Menlyn, Pretoria. But the day I have a husband, my work will be pushed to the side and I will make sure that I do something romantic! Last year I attended the Evening of Love event as a guest, this year I will be on the stage.



I've always believed in love, and I think it’s always expressed in my music. I believe that there is love out there for everyone, so for me Valentine’s Day is just another day where people can express the love they have for each other. For me, sharing the love I have for my fans and music on the stage at Evening of Love event alongside Kelly Khumalo and the likes.


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