Better known by her stage name King Tha, she has always been vocal in her advocacy for women empowerment and it’s no wonder that the songstress did not take lightly to a troll using her name to bash other women.

In the tweet, a Twitter user wrote about missing the late afro-pop singer Brenda Fassie and her ability to produce music that would inspire the masses.

Further adding that the only thing that the current female musicians had learned from Brenda Fassie was ‘how to get naked’ rather than her music content.

The tweep then concluded the tweet by commending Thandiswa for still ‘holding it down’ and not allowing ‘greed’ into her heart.

The 42-year-old musician who celebrated her birthday in a womxn-only event, did not take kindly to the tweep’s words and in a heated response wrote,

“I would rather you didn’t use me to bash other women. Interesting also that you don’t put men to the same standard! Shouldn’t they also be making music to uplift the masses! Shouldn’t you also be looking at your own self and what gifts you have that you could use to uplift people?”

“Ps nakedness CAN be a revolutionary act for women in a world that says cover up or get raped,” she wrote. [sic]

Many of the musician’s fans commended her for her response,

“King Tha to a patriarchal troll: ?” wrote a user. [sic]

Many fans agreed with the musician’s response,

The troll later went on to apologise for the statement and all the women it offended.

“My apologies if my statement IF IT made any female feel less of who she is but I realised, women are the only creation that can change man, a world full of good women automatically grows man full of good. You give life you correct it it’s your birth power!”

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