Her timeless beauty

Ma Winnie is a beauty that spans over time and remains looking beautiful well into her mature years.              

Her sense of style

Her style is a reflection of her legacy. She seems to be bringing back her vintage outfits and they look just as stylish today. Adding Xhosa inspired beads and African head wraps.

Her strength over the years

Ma Winnie has gone through a lot but has weathered the storms of life. We all know her story and we can agree that she was and still is a beacon of strength.           

Being a mother of the nation

We all know that when the late President Mandela was imprisoned, Ma Winnie was the face of the movement and did what the imprisoned could not. She garnered hope for the people who had lost it when their leaders were in jail.

She is an inspiration to many

Many people old and young see her for the rock she is and look up to her and often immolate her strength.

Controversial activist

She was found to be responsible for harsh crimes in the apartheid era by the Truth and Reconciliation commission but was acquitted and only fined for the acts.

Her role in pushing SA's independence

Winnie Mandela was imprisoned, tortured and experienced much harm for her activities against the Apartheid regime. She campaigned actively for equal rights and was promoted by the ANC as a symbol of its struggle against apartheid.