In the clip, Mel, Louis and fellow judges Simone Cowell and Cheryl Cole are being interviewed by Sarah-Jane Crawford on The Xtra Factor when Walsh places his hand on the former Spice Girl’s bum and begins to shake it.

Upon realising what is happening, she immediately stops the interview, and asks the Irish entertainment manager, “Why are you grabbing my butt?”

To which he responds to the rest of the group, “I’m looking after Mel.”

Sensing the singer’s discomfort, host Sarah-Jane then says to “Louis! Hands where we can see them please!” to which Simon responds to Mel B, “Honestly, you’re safe.”

While neither Mel nor Louis have commented on the video from December 2017, fans were quick to point how this is the sort of treatment women have to put up with in the workplace every day.

The emergence of the video comes at a time when the entertainment industry is dealing with the #MeToo movement which is a campaign against sexual harassment and assault.

The movement spread virally in October 2017 to help demonstrate the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace and it was soon followed by sexual misconduct allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.