Kim K has opened up about her need for maximum security in order to get a good night's rest.

While the reality TV star has previously given us some insight into her ordeal following the robbery in Paris that left her feeling frightened and traumatised back in 2016, the confession in the video above has just revealed something that we don't talk about enough - that years can go by and post traumatic stress disorder can still kick in at any time.

If Kim, two years after her ordeal, still feels so unsafe in her own home, how much do other women who've been harassed or assaulted still fear? 

Kim goes on to admit that ever since the incident, it's changed the way she's viewed social media - and that these days, she'll only share her locations in events where security is at its maximum.

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Once again the onus is on women to take steps to ensure that they feel safe enough to freely move around, and yes, Kim may have the luxury of being able to afford bodyguards and capitalise on other security measures, but that doesn't mean she should have to.

No woman should. 

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