Boity Thulo showed up to the 22nd annual South African Music Awards on Saturday in a beautiful, midnight blue Quiteria & George dress.

But when a fake image started to make the rounds on social media, showing a version where Boity’s vagina was visible through the sheer skirt of her dress, Boity tweeted that the image was photoshopped by cyber bullies.

In a show of appalling gutter journalism, TimesLIVE wrote: “While poor Boity walks the carpet, she's going to get a fright when she looks at Twitter and sees herself trending because of, er, her vajayjay.” While the publication said they wouldn’t be surprised if the image was fake, they undoubtedly added fuel to the body-shaming fire.

But that’s not all. On social media, Boity was shamed on several channels including Instagram and Twitter with people saying she should have been wearing underwear and telling her to cover up.

I don’t know about you, but this upset me quite a bit. Her body does not belong to anyone else but her. Even if she is famous.

The Club 808 presenter commented on all the harsh comments in a series of tweets in which she highlighted the fact that even though she’s famous and told to "not say anything because you're in the public eye", she couldn’t just ignore it.

She also spoke about how a lot of the shaming comes from other women. A fact that is sad, but too true.

Boity also shared a similar post on her Facebook page where she talked about the “double standards of the female body”, how tiring it is, and saying that she is in love with her body.

boity thulo, facebook

Image: Facebook

I have to say that I am incredibly proud of her and am so glad that she’s such a great role model. She encourages body positivity and for women to “#OwnYourThrone” .

She handled the entire situation with grace and decided to make this a conversation about shaming and the negative impact of policing women’s dress codes.

I’m also very happy to report that Boity also received a lot of support from fans who told her she looked beautiful in her dress and that she needs to ignore the haters. Big ups to those people.

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