Presenter and reality star Bonang Matheba has seen a fair share of hate come her way on social media over the years, but recently she took down a troll for criticising her dating choices. And he fell hard. 

The hater tweeted her saying,  "D’Banj, AKA, Slikour". These are the names of three of her exes who she has been criticised for being with. 

But Bonang wasn’t about to just let it go, she got her own back. She responded to the troll by saying: “My vagina. My rules. Let’s find another angle baby... this is also tired. Make some effort. You can do it.”

The troll deleted the tweet, but, thanks to the quick thinkers of Twitter, a screenshot was saved so we can relive this moment forever. 

Then this amazing thing happened. The hashtag #IamBonang started trending and women (and some men) everywhere started writing inspiring tweets about how they see themselves in Bonang and how they admire her tenacity, courage and great attitude.

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In a recent interview on Real Talk with new host Azania Mosaka, Bonang spoke about being shamed on social media for having several boyfriends by saying, "My private parts. My business." 

The star said they can’t attack her looks, talent or her style so they “go for my private parts. I think it's getting old." She made a point to say that everyone knows how many boyfriends she’s had and that at 30 she’s had enough, but she also made one thing every clear by saying it’s her choice. 

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Bonang makes a very important point in that whatever she does with her private life (and her private parts, for that matter) is her business and no one else’s. She’s a grown, successful woman who can look after herself and if she decides to date 100 more men or to never date again, that's her business. 

We should be celebrating the fact that women like Bonang exist. Strong, tenacious, no nonsense women who have worked hard for what they have and are role models for young girls who aspire to great things.

Yes, she’s dated problematic men. And like celebrities like Rihanna who dated abuser Chris Brown, the man in your life is not a reflection on who you are or how you should be valued by others. 

Let’s all stop shaming Bonang and other women like her, and rather respect the right of women to choose their journey. 

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