Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) - here is your forecast for 2020:

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Your innovative theories really get put to the test this year. It is super important to have a realistic structure to work with and support you along the way. You have a lot on your plate in 2020, so it is important to create a schedule to work with to help you pace yourself.

If you have intentions to lose weight or work on your body image 2020 is a great starting point and it can help you get into even better shape by 2021 where your steady rhythm starts to pay off. This can also be the weight of something you have been inwardly carrying too long.

By surrendering to the higher powers and finding a constructive process to release this burden/habit, past conditioning, you have the chance to set yourself free this year. This can be through rehabilitation, spiritual retreats, loss and healing that comes from this and other curative therapies that can shift subconscious patterns and allow you to start on a powerful new page. 

Other news that surfaces this year is: A blast from the past may come back into your life and rattle your heartstrings.

You may pick up a creative activity that you stopped a while back. This renewed energy can spark new opportunities. New information or news may come your way. It may be something you have already read but now seems to make more sense. This can be a chance to readdress certain things in a new way. 

All the changes and reshuffling that is happening are allowing your innovative spirit to start dancing more freely and rewiring the way you process information with less expectation from social platforms.

Worry less about what others may think and trust your intuition more. Your internal guide is strong this year, and your innovative mind has a lot of amazing stories to tell. Start writing, creating and sharing your insights through a format that works with your authentic style.

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