The elements play an important role in defining the personality in Astrology. 

Bear in mind that in astrology we calculate the elements based on the 7 planets in the different signs, so sometimes your Sun sign is not always your dominant element. 

We give you a breakdown of your elements, personality traits associated with your sign and tell you which sign would be your best and worst match:

Fire element 

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire represents the will, drive, energy and inspiration. 

The key word is action.

Fire type personalities are full of enthusiasm, and excitement. They can be entertaining, playful, spontaneous, competitive and self-driven. 

The lesson area is the tendency to be: Impulsive, impatient, intolerant, a desire for instant gratification, being guilty of overcompetetiveness, attention-seeking and the tendency to burn out due to doing too much.

Earth element

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn:

Earth represents the physical and grounded structure and material values. 

The Earth type personalities are methodical, reliable, loyal, practical, hard working, structured, patient, strategic, careful, often rule bound and rely quite heavily to set routines or rhythms. 

Their lesson area is the tendency to be: overcautious, conservative, rigid, stuck or over critical and the tendency to let habits or routines keep them in a box. 

Air element

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius:

Air represents the mind veering towards objectivity, adaptability and versatility.

The Air types have distinct differences between the more introverted intellectuals to the socialites and networkers that love to communicate. 

There is a desire to share their thoughts and ideas in some form. 

They are fast thinkers, adaptable, flighty, busy minds, sensitive nervous system and the tendency towards over thinking which can create challenges such as insomnia, worry and changing their mind constantly.

Water element

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water represents the emotions, subconscious, imagination and spiritual awareness. They tend to be nurturers, compassion, empathy, and emotions are enhanced. They have a dreamy, imaginative and creative nature that can lean towards living in a world of fantasy or needing to escape from the limitations of reality. 

There is a tendency towards emotional attachments, self sacrificial patterns, procrastination, deep emotional fluctuations and possible victim type patterns.

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So who's your perfect match?

Fire/Fire = Sexy and competitive.

This is a feisty, passionate tempestuous and often very competitive combination.  At best the sex life can be extremely good and at worst the fights and ego patterns can make this combo very combative. 

Fire/Earth = Energy and practicality

Fire can inspire and Earth can anchor and structure things to last for the long run. The challenge can be that the Fire person gets frustrated and impatient and the Earth person can feel rushed or flustered. 

Fire/Air = Busy

There is a lot of mental and physical activity. Work and social life will play an important role. The challenge in this combination is the impulsive quality of the Fire leaping before they look versus the over thinking quality of Air where they worry or over analyze things and then struggle to get into action mode. 
Fire/Water = Reactive

This is a reactive mix as fire can heat the water to boiling point and Water tends to put out Fire. 

At best the Water person can help to add empathy into the mix and the Fire person can help to motivate Water into action.

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Earth/Earth = Routine bound

This is very structured, predictable and can get a little mundane. The focus can be quite material and rules and routines tend to dominate their lifestyle. 

Earth/Air = Theory and practical

This combination can work well if you consciously work together. Air can uplift the relationship through new ideas and Earth can anchor and consolidate things to work realistically.

The challenge is that Air tends to get impatient and frustrated by the slow and rigid pace and Earth can feel overwhelmed or flustered by the information overload.

Earth/Water = Real and surreal

This is a habitual combo and both parties can get stuck in their comfort zones and habits quite easily. The Earth partner can add the containment and the Water person brings in the imagination and spiritual dimension.

They can get stuck in ruts though and the focus is to keep the momentum going and find new exciting activities to keep things stimulated and inspiring.

Air/Air = Networking

This is a mentally stimulating mix. The focus is on lots of information, networking and social activities.

This can be innovative, intellectual or social depending on the personality type. There is a tendency to focus too much on theories and ideals and they may struggle to anchor themselves in the time constraints of reality.

Air/Water = Over thinking and over sensitive

This can be lost in translation as the Air partner tends to be more in the mind and analyze things while the Water person feels things deeply and thinks more imaginatively and intuitively. At best they can find a happy balance between the thinking and the feeling.

They may need a common goal or ritual to help keep this in balance.

Water/Water = Deep feelings

This is a sensitive and emotional mix. At best they can soar to the unlimited worlds of imagination.

They may have a common interest in compassionate service work. The challenge is that real time does not exist and they may struggle with the daily rhythm and getting the mundane things done. Emotional fluctuations can also flavor this mix. Procrastination, escapism and avoidance patterns can trip this couple up if they don`t set a clear practical strategy to work with.

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