Here is your forecast for 2020: Click on your star sign


Your foundations are ready for some renovations. You can no longer work with the structures of the past to support your current goals and plans. It is time for some serious reorganisation in the home and family department. This may be preempted by you, or life intervening to push you into asserting your new plans into action.

On the home front, there may be some uncomfortable matters that you need to resolve. This may be linked to a family member that needs some help, or a move, or dealing with a difficult landlord or literally renovating your home. Stick to clear ground rules that keep you in the power seat. 

Your daily rhythm may be a little out of sync, so it can be a good idea to consciously create a schedule to help you stay on track. There is a temptation to branch out on a creative project or activity. This may require you to brush up your skills through a few refresher courses that can boost your confidence and give you the tools you need to inspire and create and educate. 

Relationships come under the spotlight due to a few changes in the agenda and perhaps a surprise visit from someone from the past coming back into your life. It may also be past habits or patterns that test your endurance and patience – particularly during the period from September - mid-November. 

The foundations you build in 2020 can offer you a great platform to play and create on from 2021.

2020 has a total reshuffling feel to it, which can push you out of your comfort zones and offer you some exciting new possibilities. A shelved invitation to travel may come back into the picture this year offering you a chance to spread your wings. 

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