Here is your forecast for 2020: Click on your star sign


2020 will push you into the driver`s seat of your life. You can no longer just let someone else drive you around.

Now is the time to take yourself more seriously. This can lead to taking up leadership roles that previously you would have shied away from. You may get pushed into asserting yourself, severing ties with those that are abusing your kindness, and learning how to create good boundaries in your friendships and social circles. Your friendships may get tested in uncomfortable ways. This can be through: power games that you no longer want to be part of, or a powerful new friend that pushes you out of your comfort zone and offers you a whole new dance floor to dance on, or the loss of a friend that leaves a powerful void that you need to work through. 

Lessons of loss or addiction of sorts may flare-up momentarily, forcing you to take note and do the “homework” that is required to shift stubborn habits or patterns of the past. A family member may return or bring up old issues that become part of your “homework” project that you are working on intensely this year.

Deep down you feel the urgency to push past the fear patterns that have held you back for too long. You may get involved in rehabilitation programs either as a healing process or as a councillor that can help those in need.

This may lead to some opportunities later in the year that can lead to a deeper healing process or a more permanent job in the healing industry. 2020 can be a year of social change, transformative work through collaboration and team effort, and profound friendships that could come through healing, support, traumatic circumstances that bring people together or compassionate connections of a like-minded tribe. 2020 will be a year to remember because it pushes you to truly find your strength. 

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