According to people who fall under this sign tend to be sporty, so they tend to be energetic, adventurous and are always up for a challenge.

Country to visit:

New Zealand. Not only a beautiful place, but according to the range of activities on offer are versatile, daring and perfect for anyone who is always looking for the next thrill.

From river rafting to shark diving and canyoning (basically you explore various canyons and learn different techniques like cliff diving, abseiling and rock climbing), New Zealand is a country that will suit your adrenaline-fuelled heart to a tee.


According to our astrologer Anya Kotzuba people born under this sign are fans of the indulgent life.

Known also for being sensual and a lover of romance, Taureans are tactile and extremely demonstrative. They love touch and are hedonistic in their pursuit of pleasure and the finer things in life.

Country to visit:

These sensualists are ruled by the planet of love – Venus. And as such, Paris, France is the perfect destination for these earth signs.

From exploring the world famous art galleries, the catacombs of Paris, the museums and the iconic Eiffel Tower, to mention but a few, Paris is a city that provides a combination of history and romance – something that will appeal to the sign that loves to get the best of both worlds.


The social butterfly of the zodiac, Anya informs me that Geminis are most likely to want to be in two places at once, so regardless of where they are, it’s important for them to have access to WIFI all the time.

According to LovetoKnow horoscopes those born under the twin sign are allergic to boredom and constantly need to be stimulated. These intellectuals won’t settle for anything that won’t satisfy their insatiable curiosity.

Because their element is air, it means that they’re highly adaptable and their craving for adventure means that they’re open to trying new things. These chatterboxes need to indulge in the kind of experiences that caters to their need for learning about new cultures and their desire for having a good time.

Country to visit:

London, England.  Yes, it might seem like a common or popular, boring choice, but there is a wealth of activity that is designed to offer Gemini folk the best of both worlds.

According to Refinery29 the reason London is such a great destination for them is because it offers everything from pub-crawling opportunities to visiting some of the best theatres, museums and castles in the world.

The mish-mash of historical and modern culture means that those born under the Gemini sign will never be bored.

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Cancerians tend to be homebodies and are family orientated and nurturers by nature. Because of this, Anya tells us that the best places for them would be somewhere they can feel at home.

According to they are also deeply sentimental and love relaxing near water. Their willingness to help others and need to avoid conflict means that they’d make for wonderful travel companions – especially if it’s a group vacation.

Country to visit:

Cancerians generally prefer to stick close to home, but if they do plan on going anywhere soon, then places where they have easy access to lakes or beaches are ideal.  Also, any place where there are plenty of family-orientated activities to do, which is why we’d recommend Orlando, Florida in the USA.

The home of Disneyland, there is no doubt that there will be so much on offer in terms of entertainment and rides for kids and adults alike. There are also a ton of beaches and resorts close to the ocean that will appeal to the water-loving Cancerians – think Tampa, Miami and the Florida Keys, to mention but a few.

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Ah, Leo – the undisputed party animal of the zodiac. Wherever these fire-born signs go, fun shenanigans are bound to follow.

Those born under the sign of Leo are said to be supremely confident, dominant in all that they do and revel in having attention solely focused on them. Drama follows wherever they go and if they’re not in a place where they can have a good time, you’ll surely be putting up with a miserable lion.

Country to visit:

With an explosion of colour and a festival that celebrates the vibrant culture that forms part of Brazil’s makeup, we can’t think of better, brighter or more colourful country to visit – especially during a time when Rio de Janeiro is brimming with spectacular parades and you have the opportunity attend Rio’s masquerade balls and check out many of the live entertainment shows the carnival has to offer.

It’s truly a place that will satisfy Leo’s needs for show, drama and high-octane levels of partying, where dressing up is as welcome as dressing down.


The practical, analytical and organised star sign is a stickler for details, and according to they also tend to be perfectionists who are meticulous in everything they do.

Anya says that those born under this sign are people who need order and structure in their life, as they tend to stress easily and over analyse everything.

Country to visit:

Any Scandinavian country. Anya adds that Virgos need somewhere clean and ordered and places like Denmark, Finland, Sweden or Switzerland will appeal to Virgo’s need for streamlined neatness.

However, Virgos are also big on learning and places like Denmark and Switzerland have plenty of opportunities for them to indulge in culturally enriching experiences, some of which include art galleries and museums, chocolate factories in Switzerland (for the more relaxing and indulgent part of your holiday) and exploring the history behind the architecture in Copenhagen, to mention but a few.

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