You are being tested to work more intuitively, imaginatively and creatively. You are learning first hand that relying too much on google to direct your life may lead you astray. Trust your inner judgement more to navigate your way along your authentic path.

Dry logic without right brain activity does not give you the 3D quality you are searching for. Add heart and soul into all that you do and you will find that people will warm to you and take you more seriously.

There may be a few false starts or idealistic intentions that don`t quite materialise. Try to keep a practical anchor at the ready to avoid drifting too far off the mark. There may be a few awesome connections that inspire you in 2019 that could lead to some great investment opportunities by 2020. 

Love and relationships

2019 could be your lucky in love year as the abundant energies of Jupiter move into your area of relationships – this is particularly strong for those with Gemini rising.

The 7th house can also highlight open enemies, so be careful who you attract as you may attract your nemesis. Venus conjuncts Jupiter around 21st -29th  January and again around 21st – 29th Nov enhancing the love energy......  You could score well if you play your cards right in a joint business or contract. 

Work and money

Mercury is retrograding in your career area for most of March, so pay extra attention to how you communicate and do the revision work that may be needed. If you are planning to launch ahead or sign contracts over that period in connection to work, you may want to wait until April.

The misty element of Neptune is still hanging over your career area making it difficult to plan too far ahead, and boundaries keep blurring which can eat away at your sense of security.

If your career includes, film, photography, music or any of the arts, you may find this is the side you can advance in or explore deeper as you could excel in this area. If you are thinking of going into partnership with someone, you may find this can be a good year for that.

A meeting either at the beginning of 2019 or in December may highlight the deeper truth that may be hanging over you in an investment or contract. You may find that you get tested during July on a security matter as the eclipses trigger your money area first in early July and then again in mid July.

Mercury also goes retrograde for most of July, so pay attention to the fine print before signing important financial documents. The North node is moving through your house of money, so 2019 may be a year of working through some karmic debt or security matters that may be holding you back.

The good news is that even thought your bank balance may be a bit of rollercoaster, your partner may have the dosh.... so invest wisely and you should cruise through.

Gemini quote for the year: 

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” Toni Morrison


Naomi Campbell, May 22

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