Librans and the Libra rising clan:  you are being pushed to deal with the matters closer to home in 2018 and 2019 by creating good boundaries and structures that support you, pushing you to inspect the very roots of your being.

You need to deal with past and close some doors and find the courage to take the responsibility for your own life by building from solid foundations. You cannot find balance unless your feet are firmly placed on the ground and your focus is not wavering in too many different directions.

If you have been avoiding your responsibilities and putting too much focus on others and forgetting about your own core needs, 2019 will remind you to sweep your own stoep by creating storms that blow things out of order to force you to pay attention.

Home and family play a major part of your year either through extra responsibilities linked to a parent, downscaling, renovating, a possible house move or something in your family structure that may need to be reprogrammed. The eclipse in early and mid January, July and again in December may be trigger points that highlight the above mentioned matters.

Love and relationships

The past 8 or so years have kept you on your toes and tested your key relationships right to the core... (Especially those with Libra rising).2019 may see new structures forming either strengthening the ones you have or stripping off the baggage and starting on a clean slate. The restless undercurrent will ebb after March helping you to find firmer ground to stand on. 

There may be lessons to do with a father figure or a member of the family. You may find yourself with extra responsibilities either linked to family commitments or home work. You may find yourself getting friendly with a neighbour or an online chat friend. In fact social media may play a key role either in your social life or for work.

Work and money  

There seem to be some positive work opportunities, but the biggest challenge will be juggling the intense home responsibilities and finding the time for your work commitments. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius expanding the information and the communication and increasing the desire to learn more and venture out and explore.

This is a great year for workshops, writing a book, a blog or online courses. There may be short travels related to work. You may hook up with your neighbour or sibling on a business venture. Uranus moves into Taurus shaking up the financial structure.

You may sever ties with a partner and go solo or work in a new way regarding joined resources and investments. Someone may change the deal forcing you to look at your partnership in a new light. There may be sudden gains or sudden losses of money that may be linked to family or business or partner.  

Libra quote for the year 

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one`s courage.”Anais Nin


Ashanti, October 13

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