Hopefully you used the expansive energy of Jupiter last year to open new doors of opportunity because 2019 can be the chance to gain rewards from the connections you made in 2018. You can attract gains, wealth and your self esteem can be boosted by the flow of money, attention and opportunities that can come your way this year.

There may be some reconstruction and rewiring work you need to do on your communication devices or information bases. There is a chance you may need to do a few courses to build your way up to where you need to be for 2020.

The eclipses in January and late December may shed some light on new information or opportunities to further your information quest. There could be some obstacles, restrictions or challenges linked to a sibling or a communication block that you need to work through. The Mercury retrograde in July coincides with the Solar and Lunar eclipses and may bring up deep information that you need to process. 

Love and relationships

You had a little taste of the rebellious and restless energy of Uranus entering the sign of Taurus between May and November 2018 and it will move back into Taurus for the long run from March 2019 -2026 pushing you out of ruts, comfort zones and generally keeping you on your toes as Uranus has the tendency to disrupt things and bring in sudden and unexpected changes.

The Venus/Uranus conjunction in mid may could be a significant time for sudden romantic happenings or endings. The level of excitement can be thrilling but also a little daunting as you get pulled far out of your comfort zones of being able to control things…so expect the unexpected and go with the flow as best as you can by being open minded and present. Neptune flavours the area of fun and passion and the desire to escape from mundane matters and enjoy the wonderment of surreal moments.

This can work well for creative or spiritual activities, but watch out for partying too hard and losing yourself in the desire to chase rainbows….. The other side of escapism is connection – try to find that point and bring things together.

Work and money

Lucky Jupiter is bracing your money house (this is particularly significant for Scorpio rising people). This can be a great time to attract gains to you, so try not to barricade things up too high and keep the door open for new connections that can bring you the wealth.

One word of caution is that with Neptune in the house of play, there is the chance the money can flow in and flow out just as abundantly, so budget wisely and save for those important dreams you are working towards.

There may be a change of business partnership or changes within the partnership that need to happen in the latter part of the year. You may feel the need to focus on expanding your business on line and create new portals to work with.

Scorpio quote for the year

“Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace.” Kimberly Jones 


Zadie Smith, October 25

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