The days of tried and tested will not cut it …. The ground is cracking and being broken open for new foundations to be constructed that support your new ventures. February and March will be testing times as Venus and Mars energies test your abilities to handle the erratic changeable energy keeping you on your toes and Uranus prepares to move back into Taurus for the long run (6 March 2019 – April 2026).

There are no comfort zones and those born in the first part of Taurus (21 -30 April) or have their rising sign or Moon sign within the 0-15` of Taurus will definitely start to feel the tremors of change. The more you resist the harder it will be as the new will persist in various ways whether you like it or not….. It is time for change – embrace it.

As daunting as it may seem, this can be exciting times of new faces, new places and new opportunities. 

Love and relationships

2018 may have opened a few doors for Taurean`s on the love front offering new growth and opportunities. This continues into 2019 with a bountiful feeling, new connections you did not even consider in your wildest dreams and a lot of change pushing you to adjust your structures in the area of love.

The seeds you planted last year can start to grow abundantly this year. May 2019 can be a time of great shifts and sudden changes where your ruling planet Venus conjuncts the erratic energies of Uranus. This restless energy can make it hard for a consistent and predictable rhythm, but it can add much excitement and new energy.  For those with Taurus rising you may attract abundant gifts, resources and security from a generous partner.

You have the ability to dream big and manifest more than you expected, so try not to sabotage it by undervaluing yourself and letting good opportunities slip through your fingers. There is no perfect time, it is up to you to make it perfect by grabbing the opportunities while they are ripe. 

Work and money

This is a great year to work on renovating your existing structures to help you expand. You can attract financial opportunities to assist or help you along the way – but you need to ask. 2019 is not a year to wait and hide behind the wings.

Life is opening up the chance to embrace and work on your talents so that you can shine your light more confidently. This may be taking on extra courses or just learning from the university of life. It is a time where you can open the door to teachers of all walks of life, gurus, international clients etc.

 Jupiter shines it`s abundant light in the area of joined resources and other people`s money. This can signify the chance to invest with someone, the chance to attract scholarships, bursaries or loans that can assist you with further studies that can open up your options particularly in the field of your career or public status or the possibility of inheritance or even unexpected lucky money that you were not expecting. 

The road is winding and at times bumpy as your fear of change can make you feel vulnerable and insecure about taking these steps into unknown territory, but deep down you need to work with your inner compass and trust your intuition about moving forward and taking these calculated risks that can open up some amazing opportunities for you. 

Taurus quote for the year

“The thing you fear most has no power. Your fear of it is what has the power. Facing the truth really will set you free.” Oprah Winfrey


Janet Jackson, May 16

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