Deep down you know that you can take life seriously and have fun but there needs to be a change of mind set – less fretting and more spontaneous play to stay present and laugh more.  Jupiter moves into the area of home and family for the Virgo rising people expanding opportunities such as a move, renovating, buying property, expanding your family or taking on new opportunities that help you to spread your wings.

2019 is the building block year to intense changes that can manifest in 2020. It is an important time to change bad habits and patterns and work creatively, consciously and authentically towards a positive goal that aligns with your authentic personality.

Neptune has been opposing your Virgo energy for a while now and it is time to take yourself more seriously and push through the mist rather than cling to past ego patterns that hold you back. 

Love and relationships

Neptune weaves its misty illusions into the mix particularly in the area of significant relationships. If you are getting too hung up on the flaws of your partner and not appreciating their good qualities, you may find yourself confused by life`s circumstances as obstacles get in the way of the romantic flow. 

You may attract people that challenge your identity or make you wake up to the lesson you need to work through. Saturn connects with the south node this year where lovers from the past may re surface and open up past patterns you thought you had laid to rest.

You may have your work cut out for you this year as extra responsibilities sit on your shoulders, but with the right structures and strategies this can be a great time to build new structures to support yourself, your children and the important people in your life.

 The eclipses highlight key changes within your romance status first in January and then in July and the final one in December again. This can be make or break points of insight that underline the deeper understanding that helps you to make significant decisions. 

Weok and money

Finances may shift after March, but the last few years may have shaken you into a new way of investing your money. Joined resources or partnership accounts may be uprooted or changed radically as Uranus restructures things in rather sudden and sometimes brutal ways..... New contacts may suddenly come your way and they may even be foreign connections.

There is a chance you may get more travel work or need to go back to the books and study new things to help you stay in the fast lane. There is also the possibility that you work from home this year or renovate your home to incorporate your business into.

Teaching positions, publishing, real estate or travel work are emphasized. Try to keep the dance of work and play in balance to avoid stressing out too much this year. Get creative, work on being spontaneous and focus on the beauty and the things that do work rather than obsess about the flaws..... This can add more positive energy into your daily rhythm. 

Virgo quote for the year

“Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of fear”


Beyoncé, September 4

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