I love movies. I’m a complete pop culture junkie. I’ll watch anything once. Unless it’s a Transformers movie. Or something featuring Amanda Seyfried (except Mean Girls, of course). You couldn’t pay me to go and see that.

But there are times when I've rewatched a few of my favourite flicks, especially those rom coms, and have scratched my head. Why is Anne Hathaway doing that? Why can’t Sarah Jessica Parker just stop? Really? Running 5 blocks in high heels? Who does that?!

Because only in those Hollywood movies where scripts have no limits, can women do (or not do, but that’s a whole other article) almost anything, no matter how impossible it is.

Life isn’t like it seems on the silver screen, but isn’t it great that we can detach from reality and still believe all these things anyway?

So, as an ode to all things female in flicks, here’s a list of things that women do in movies, but hardly ever do in real life.

Wear makeup/sexy negligee to bed when they have sleepovers and then have pillow fights

movie,gif,glasses,she's all that

Cry all night and then don’t have puffy eyes the next day

movie,gif,funny,when harry met sally,crying,meg ry

Fall in love with their creepy stalker

Are always available for lunch with friends

movie,gif,lunch,mean girls,regina george,

Always have a happy ending (not like that!)

movie,gif,funny,littel mermaid,fabulous,happy endi

Never say goodbye or hello on the phone (what is that?)

Have perfect hair ALL. THE. TIME

elle driver,legally blonde,hair,fabulous,movie,gif

Have sex with a bra on


Can afford a fabulous wardrobe on a shop assistant’s salary and actually enjoy trying on various outfits in the fitting room for their friends to look at

movie,gif,romy and michelle,lisa kudrow,clothes,no

They always know that song that guy is talking about

movie,gif,500 days of summer,zooey deschanel,the s

Run in the rain without caring because they’re fun that way

movie,gif,rain,high school musical,couple,happy,da

Remove their glasses and suddenly become a different person

movie,gif,audrey hepburn,sunglasses

movie,gif,glasses,she's all that

Waking up looking flawless

movie,gif,funny,sleeping beauty,wake up,fabulous,d

Getting really drunk after one drink

movie,gif,alcohol,mean girls,lindsay lohan,qoutes

Get a makeover that fixes everything in their lives

Eat ridiculous amounts of food without gaining weight

movie,gif,easy a,emma stone,funny,yum,food