Have you ever finished watching a good movie, but it had you so messed up at the end that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? 

Well you’re not the only one. Except that some people have actually created theories around some of their (and your) favourite movies and they will blow your mind. 

Also, you should probably realise this, but SPOILERS AHEAD

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Jack is actually a time-traveler who was sent back in time to make sure that Rose doesn’t jump off the Titanic (causing the ship to have to stop to look for her body) and alter the course of history by preventing the ship from hitting the iceberg. This theory is further supported by the fact that Jack has no money from that time period; he gambles for his tickets. He mentions landmarks that were not around in 1912 and his haircut and backpack were not accurate for that time period either. So he must be on a mission to save her, and this explains why he is also so enamoured with her so soon after their first meeting. 

Harry Potter series

According to this theory, the Dursleys are actually mean to Harry because he was a Horcrux and the evil part of Lord Voldemort’s soul in him has actually been affecting them for years. While Potterheads will probably argue about this theory for a long time, we do know that Harry is revealed to be a Horcrux later in the series and that having one close to you for long periods of time can affect your mood and personality. 


The entire movie actually takes place in the future. In the movie, Genie calls Aladdin’s clothes “So third century” and since Genie was locked in the lamp for 10 000 years, the year must be at least 10 300 AD. Which could explain all of his current pop culture references. 

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Back To The Future

Doc Brown was actually trying to commit suicide when the DeLorean was being tested. This is why he aims the car at himself. Doc Brown mentions that all his past experiments have been failures and this theory suggests that he was ready to give up on his life’s work and die if this last experiment isn't successful. But, luckily, it works and through his adventures with Marty he finds a reason to live again. 


Now this movie had us all messed up. It was a good film, but in the end you’re not quite sure of what exactly happened. Is he still in the dream world? This theory suggests that Cobb’s token isn’t actually the spinning top, but his wedding ring. In the real world, Cobb doesn’t wear one, but in the dream world he’s still married so it's always on his finger. In the final scene, he’s not wearing a ring so that must mean he’s awake.

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If you really love this movie, this theory will break your heart. It suggests that the entire movie is actually an elaborate fantasy in Sandy’s head while she’s in a coma because she actually drowned at the beginning of the movie when she and Danny were on the beach. The evidence? Danny sings a line in Summer Nights about Sandy nearly drowning. And if you’ve always wondered where the scene with the flying car comes from (you’ve gotta admit it’s a little weird) then the rest of the theory suggests that this is actually Sandy going to heaven.

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