We all love a good meet cute, right?

Two people connect, there’s adversity and then they fall in love with a couple of big sweeping statements and a scene where they finally kiss (maybe even in the rain). 

It’s the kind of thing girls are usually taught to aspire to when it comes to love because the movies are supposed to be such great examples of what true love looks like.

No, dear ones. Those are lies. Big little lies.

Here are some myths this genre has created and the truths you need to hear:

Lie #1: Your best friend is going to turn out to be the love of your life

If you do end up falling in love with your best friend, then great, but this does not always happen. Your best guy friend is not suddenly going to realise he actually really loves you a la Made Of Honor and then try to win you back from the clutches of a Scotsman.

You’re probably just going to be really good friends for a long time and they will be happy for you when you do find a person who really loves you, just like you will be for them. 

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Lie #2: It’s totally normal to completely hate someone and then fall in love with them

Hello, 10 Things I Hate About You.

Kat hates Patrick with a passion and then realises she eventually doesn’t really. This is not how love and hate works. Usually if someone gets on your nerves so much that you want nothing to do with them, it’s a pretty sure sign you’re not going to fall in love.

Also we need to stop this culture of associating love and hate with each other. We’re taught that if boys say they don’t like you or hit you when you’re kids then it means they like you – STOP TEACHING GIRLS THAT ABUSE EQUALS LOVE.

Lie #3: It doesn’t matter if you’re incompatible, love always wins

You’re both cute, there’s a little spark, but everything else about your match just doesn’t work.

You work for rival businesses. She’s an uber rich movie star and you’re just a travel bookstore owner. You just don’t work, but somehow movies will have you believe that love will conquer all and you’ll just work it out. Oh, puhleaze!

Sometimes things just don’t work out even when two people really like each other. Sometimes things like distance, family drama, money, social status or work get in the way and it’s not great, but it’s a reality of life. 

Lie #4: Your big fights will end up in super hot, passionate sex

Oh how I wish this one was true, but alas it is not.

You will have fights with your partner and sometimes they’re little and sometimes they’re massive. Most times you’ll probably end up walking away from them fuming because they’ve made you so mad. Or you’re having the fight over Whatsapp and you just stop chatting and eventually one of you will cave three hours later and you’ll hopefully make up.

You might have make up sex after, but it’ll probably be a good long while after the initial fight and once you’ve actually sorted things out. This is not The Notebook. You will most likely never make out passionately in the pouring rain and then make love like wild animals. We have jobs, people!

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Lie #5: Big romantic gestures will solve everything

Yes, a boy bringing you flowers to say he’s sorry is cute, or your girlfriend running you a bath after you’ve had a hard day is nice. But turning up outside someone’s window with a boombox blasting your fave song and just standing there like a fool like that scene from Say Anything is awkward and a little creepy.

Also it’s kinda rude to disturb EVERYONE in the vicinity with your kak taste in music.

Lie #6: That you can fall in love with someone very quickly and it will all be sunshine and roses when you do

LIES! Yes, falling for someone quickly isn’t impossible, but you can’t call it love after spending one day together and expect it to work. Relationships and love takes a lot more work than that. 

Lie #7: That stalking is cute

Ha! No it’s not. Someone constantly vying for your attention and calling and making a nuisance of themselves in order to try to date you or get back together is never okay and it is stalking and it is not romantic, but it is illegal and you can go to the police.

If you ever get the urge to do this to someone so you can win them back again, really think about what you’re doing and what the consequences will be. 

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