I don’t know about you, but I love a scary story. The twists and turns, the suspense, it’s all fascinating to me. 

But every now and then there’s one so ridiculous you cannot take it seriously. Here we take a look at just a few of them.


No, they’re not the teeth in her mouth. Dawn is a teenage spokesperson for an abstinence group. One day she goes swimming with a boy she likes, but he tries to rape her. She then bites off his penis with her vagina. Yes, she has teeth in her vagina. Basically you do not want to mess with this chick or her vagina because it will come back to bite you – literally.


So in typical bad horror movie fashion, a group of friends goes up to a lake house for the weekend and learns that there are a group of evil zombie beavers who’ve built a dam and are out to get them. The trailer looks intense. There’re evil beavers and a fire and it looks like they eat the dog and.. just wow. 


This story follows a sentient tyre named Robert who can kill with the power of his mind. Robert goes on a killing spree and slays several animals and humans. A sheriff investigates the matter and tries to bring Robert down.  

Black Sheep

Henry is afraid of sheep, but that doesn’t stop him from going back to his brother’s farm in the hopes that he will buy out Henry's share of the property. When he gets there, however, he finds genetically altered mutant sheep who prey on humans and turn their victims into undead killers. 

The Gingerdead Man

A serial killer’s mother turns his ashes into cookie mix and drops it off at a local bakery. Then of course an assistant gets cut and somehow gets blood in the batter. But they don’t throw the batter away. Oh no, that would be ridiculous. SO then they bake the cookie and he comes alive to murder everyone. 

Piranha 3D

So it’s Spring Break on Lake Victoria and there’s a tremor which releases thousands of prehistoric piranhas. The kids obviously don’t wanna stop partying so they ignore the warnings and some of them end up as fish food. Now a rag tag team must get together and stop the fish from eating everyone. 

Hood of Horror

Snoop Dogg plays the Hound of Hell who tells the stories of three people who all have horrible stories. One is a tagger, the next is a Texas oil fortune heir and the last is a rap star. It’s delightfully bad.