14 - 18 September
Nora tries to help make sense of the situation with Niek. Lara knows something is amiss. Jansie does her best to try and push buttons. Candy won't take the abuse and much longer and Richard is flabbergasted at what comes out of his daughter's mouth.  

Rex gets called in for a favour. Chris has other investments in mind, while  Stephen has his own set of problems at work. The Naude house's atmosphere is very tense. Liam tries his best as Tebogo offers some good advice. Some resistance lies ahead for Candy.

Nenna has a special card to play up her sleeve but it causes others to have mixed feelings

21 - 28 September
Rex takes offence to an accusation that is slung his way. Tebogo knows his sibling is way out of order. Nenna takes the gloves off! Jansie gets fined. Candy gets advice on how she should be doing things.

Nora won't budge. Stephen and Lara both try and move on. Rex tries to make amends. A nasty surprise awaits Niek in the kitchen. Schalk pays the Bio Sculpture Bar a visit. Candy braces herself. Chris has no solution for his son. Jansie may just be reaching the end of the line. Nenna gives in.

A delivery has Nenna very impressed. Mercia moves in – but what's really going on? Nora is despondent about home life. TJ gets ruthless and a positive future seemingly lie ahead for Schalk and Leandrie.

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