28 Sept-02 Oct
A delivery has Nenna very impressed. Mercia moves in – but what’s really going on? Nora is despondent about home life. TJ gets ruthless. A positive future ahead for Schalk and Leandrie?

Bongani from 94.7 Highveld Stereo’s Rude Awakening appears in EGOLI. Bertie runs into a new figure in the Windsor Manor. Sonet’s suggestion quickly gets shot down. Liam decides it’s time to fly! Louwna returns with a report-back on Albert.

Nenna is wondering what is going on? Leandrie may be questioning her future again… Bertie is enjoying his new friend’s company. Nora gets another guest. Louwna tries to adjust to life back in South Africa.

Despite the setbacks, Leandrie is ready to take on the world! Liam starts his journey. Candy gives Niek a deadline. Dwayne senses something. Is Rex’s decision the right one? Lara gets stern with Jansie.

Nora doesn’t hold back as she dolls out the advice. Stephen starts making the right decisions. Lara does her best to make the dire situation right. TJ may be the only solution! Chris is bemused by Bertie’s stories.

05 Oct-13 Oct
It’s a depressing start to the week for Leandrie. Chris gets warned about a certain Ms. Jansen. A written warning is issued. Dwayne knows how to play his audience. Richard put his foot down. The Journey of Hope ladies visit Nora!

Nenna is shocked at the revelation about the Windsor Manor! Leandrie has a favour to ask of Nora. Good news is delivered to Vuyatela. TJ has an offer. Is Jansie eyeing out an opportunity? Dros is the setting for Des’ return and things do not look good!

All work and no play is not how Mrs. Edwards would like things to be. Nenna’s puzzlement only increases. A phone call from afar gets the Vuyatela crew rushing! Stephen is hooked. TJ unveils her plan.
Rex has had enough of his neighbourly tact. Leandrie receives a good call! Nora’s not at all impressed with her sister’s attitude to the effort she has made! The police get called in.

Egoli Mini-Omnibus. If you missed any episodes over the last 2 weeks, here is your chance to catch up in a special half-hour recap.

Lara is at TJ’s mercy as she visits Mokoena Investments. Dwayne threatens further action. Louwna reckons that her husband could use a little help. Nenna decides it’s time to take action.

Rex is fuming as he discovers more clues! Can Leandrie keep this good streak up? Tebogo discovers that Vuyatela’s problems may not be unique. Harsh words exchange in the office. Liam gets a surprise as he visit’s TJ. Des struggles to accept what’s going on in her life right now.   

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