1- 5 April

Wimpie’s advice is unasked for, and At finds out about Louis’s plans. Steve gets increasingly worried about Roland’s work ethic. Conrad is suspicious about Roland, while Tertius is forced to take Luc to work. Steve’s sleuthing gets dangerous, and Conrad makes a discovery.                                     

Elana warns Conrad against his suspicions, while Jax discusses Luc with Danny. Karli is afraid that Louis’s ego might take a knock, and Conrad makes an appointment with At and Annelize.  Annelize’s news doesn’t ease Conrad’s tension.                                                   

Steve’s curiosity has the opposite effect, and Jax begins to put two and two together. Roland wants to take Corrie back to Southern Hope, while At’s words makes Okkie livid. Luis is upset about the quarrels between the Kosters, and Annelize has yet to lose her charm.   

Tertius’s friends don’t have the nerve to talk to him about Luc. Karli tries to convince Quinton to talk to his best friend, and Conrad is going to have to perform a miracle to get Roland to relax. Roland shares his plans with Annelize, while Ilse reprimands Okkie about a new recurring theme. 

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