10 - 14 December 

Kallie doesn’t want to let go of his plan. Jax talks to Elana about Steve – but Danny has information that stuns her. Elana shows up uninvited at Steve’s hotel room, and Okkie and Ilse are putting their plan to work. Steve is desperate for information, while Lika’s day takes her to Kallie.                                                                         

Trudie and Chanel each have something to look forward to, and Quinton tries to convince Tertius about the status quo. An ambulance is requested at the Koster Mansion, and the results of a blood test create more questions. Footage leads to conflict, and Lika doesn’t handle information too well.                           

Conrad shares news with Kallie, and At is surprised about the person that shows up for the meeting. Steve gets a nasty surprise, while Naomi is in cahoots with Quinton for a good reason. The puzzle pieces begin to fall into place for a doctor, and Kallie makes a request towards Lika. Ruben shares his shocking news. 

Lika confesses a huge fear to Kallie, and compliments aren’t always easy to utter. Steve realises what Elana thinks of Tracy, while Conrad has advice for At about Kallie. No news leads to aggression, while Kallie’s plan is laid bare.            

A resignation is handed in, while Kallie shares a secret with Lika. Steve informs Conrad about what is going on, while Binneland Clinic is coining it through Steve’s situation. Threats on Social Media are not something that one can prepare for, and Chanel chastises herself.

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