15- 19 April

Conrad has a plan regarding the embryos. Trudie realises where her plan could fail. Steve is worried about the emotional repercussions that the task at hand could have, while Quinton forbids Karli to share her theory with Tertius. Annelize brokers a sensitive subject with Roland.                  

Ilse is very pleased with Trudie’s request. Adam rocks up at Binneland Clinic – and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Tertius is hurt by an invitation, and Danny recognises Roland. Roland explains what the next step in his plan is, and sensitive information is stolen from Steve’s office.                    

Okkie’s bad timing upsets Wimpie, while Jax and Tertius are surprised by Luc. Liebenberg asks Conrad for his assistance with Delia. Trudie realises that charity isn’t easy work, but then makes a discovery that immediately piques her interest. Tertius tries out different treatments on Luc.               

Wimpie unwittingly jeopardises Adam’s plans. A hysterical Tertius resents himself for Luc. Wimpie is upset about Trudie’s discovery. Liebenberg believes that someone is working against him, and Sarah is shaken to her core when she sees Adam. Louis finds a safe haven with the Ferreira’s.                       

Trudie explains her theory to a sceptical Wimpie, and At is a very bad patient. A kidnapping takes place, while Annelize and Conrad need to deal with a new crisis involving Roland. Liebenberg gets suspicious when the pieces of the puzzle almost want to fit together.

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