15 - 19 July

 Jax shares her concerns regarding René with Tertius, and Annelize wants to use Elana to get information from Conrad. Naomi discusses Okkie’s problems with Louis, while a lack of self-confidence is admitted.

Elana gives it to Steve straight, and At realises what is going on. A Social Media post about Tonik kan cause the business harm, while a clue is revealed by Ross Marks Holdings’s website.

Lexi and Chanel try to encourage René, and Conrad’s statement upsets Ingrid. Quinton receives upsetting news, while At feels he has clinched a victory.

Food poisoning leads Annetjie to Ilse, and Steve tries to give Elana perspective regarding Conrad. Chanel wonders what Quinton’s intentions are with René, while Ilse is worried about a date for the wedding.

The puzzle pieces are slowly but surely starting to fit.                             

Naomi isn’t ready to tell Okkie the truth, and Quinton is convinced that René is irresponsible. At gives Annelize an important task, while Ingrid and her business partner hold different opinions about Conrad.

Chanel helps Okkie in devising a tentative plan of action, and Elana hopes for a better future between family members. Tertius tries to defend Quinton, while Annelize thinks she has the upper hand in a conversation with Ingrid.

Challenging circumstances tries a team’s spirit, and René doesn’t hold back when she speaks from the heart.

A good offer might not work out in favour of Tonik, and At has come up with a plan regarding a business transaction. Naomi realises in what state Okkie and Ilse’s relationship is, and René gets the shock of her life in Amoret.

A huge fight turns personal, while Louis supports a very stressed out Naomi in her hour of need. Jax hears the truth regarding René’s date, and At is caught off guard by Ingrid gesture.                                      Ilse and Okkie’s communication isn’t at an optimal level, while René and Jax are almost in the same boat.

At reaches out to Ingrid with a gesture that is supposed to gain her trust, and Okkie decides to put his foot down regarding exploitation.

Annelize is unsure about how she feels with the new turn of events in At and Ingrid’s saga, while Stefan’s presence upsets René. Treason comes in many different forms.            

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