16-20 September

At’s words flow beautifully from Annelize’s lips, and the board receives shocking news about one of their members. Breggie’s possessions are the reason for Wimpie’s mood, and Captain Botha smells a rat when it comes to At and Annelize’s stories.

 A situation with a small boy opens up old wounds, and support could be the starting point of a friendship. The truth shocks Jax, and Chanel’s sleepwalking is blamed for a problem. A warrant is not an idle threat. 

A full work program and priorities are being dissected under a microscope, and At needs to attend another funeral. Steve tells Danny the truth, while Quinton feels sorry for Tertius when he defends Annelize. René makes an attempt at saving a friendship, and Annelize is on everyone’s lips – and their thoughts.

Danny tries to support Elana, and Wimpie has an answer for Chanel’s nightly noises. Annelize admits that she is afraid of the future, while Hugo has to share unsettling news. A cellphone video is not the only thing that causes tension for everyone involved. 

Wimpie is upset that he couldn’t have one last discussion, and Steve makes his wishes known. Tertius thinks that Annelize can’t count on At, while Elana thinks Hugo influenced a decision. Captain Botha is of the opinion that only the truth could improve the current situation. 

Elana and Jax are both confused by Steve’s decision, and Annelize gives At a warning. Piet’s actions cause problems, and Conrad unknowingly plants a seed with someone who is stuck between a rock and a hard place. At is not planning on dancing to the beat of Annelize’s drum.


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