17 - 21 September 

Trudie shows no interest in the school’s talent night, and Elana knows exactly how to rub Annelize the wrong way. Adler realises Steve and Warrick’s stories don’t come from the same book, and Naomi is worried about Quinton – while Jax is touched by Okkie’s concern.

Steve is making Chanel uncomfortable, and an interesting conversation gives someone the upper hand.

Okkie tries to persuade Trudie about the school’s talent night, while Elana doesn’t mince her words during a conversation with Conrad. There are a variety of reactions on hospital news, and Tertius is caught off guard by patients.

At is unsure about Conrad’s suggestion, while Annelize gets an unexpected warning – which later proves to have been right. Tertius makes an appointment, and Carina asks Trudie for help.

Louis thinks Tertius made a mistake, and Okkie and Ilse are curious about Trudie’s new friend. Elana is stunned by At’s ultimatum, while Ruben realises that Jax is already bored. Annelize is on the war path – and At hits the road!

Steve realises Elana is worried about Charles, and Gaynor is looking for answers that no one is willing to give her. Annelize’s observation makes her wonder about the finer details of a relationship, while Tertius warns Conrad about an upset widow. Trudie’s interest in the talent night is piqued by her new friend. 

Okkie is disappointed in Trudie’s decision, and Annelize wants to repair the Oncology unit’s reputation. Tertius is left to extinguish a few fires when Gaynor shows up with resentful questions.

Louis thinks Naomi is being unfair towards Ilse, and Annelize suspects Delia has something to do with the new drama. Louis wants to have a serious conversation with Naomi, and Elana catches a frisky couple.

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