25- 29 March

Conrad finds out about the fire at Southern Hope – and that Delia is missing. Quinton and Louis want to surprize the girls, while Tertius and Danny catch Jax off guard. A very big question, albeit unexpected, is asked, and At is not impressed with Elana’s plans regarding Corrie. Annelize tries to support Conrad.   

Karli has a heart to heart with Naomi, and At has his suspicions about the events at Southern Hope. Chanel tries to explain her fears, while Roland insists on working with Steve. Louis is unsure about what to do next, and Conrad gets the shock of his life. It seems like there has been a burglary at Tertius and Jax’s flat.   

Roland encourages Conrad to take the next step, while René and Chanel discover a lost child. At isn’t planning on treating Corrie at Binneland Clinic, and Karli thinks Louis should find out from Ilse what Okkie’s state of mind is. A photo shakes Tertius to his core, while Louis’s plans generates a lot of excitement.         

Tertius does his best to communicate with the child – but René thinks the child might be deaf. At takes drastic measures regarding Conrad on the day of Corrie’s operation at Binneland Clinic. Okkie realises that his future includes At Koster.          

Conrad insists on a press conference. Louis’s plans are ruined, while Tertius’ breakthrough is short lived. Hope is a painful dream to cling on to, and Chanel is shocked in the reason why Gabriella is admitted to ER.   

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