26 - 30 November 

Lika feels alone in her relationship, while Annelize gets a very unexpected opportunity. Elana’s words cut deep – but not as deep as Steve’s conviction. Conrad and Quinton fear that Kallie is the next victim of the pathogen. Ruben has a plan with Trudie’s exam stress – which leads to an idea for her project. 
At refuses to talk about Mercia, and Okkie and Ilse need to manage Trudie’s expectations. Tonik is revamped into something completely new, and Eben is a difficult subject in a conversation. Kallie’s new friendship deepens, while Lika realises she isn’t the only woman in Tertius’s life. Eben makes a new friend.   

Priorities in the Ferreira household differ, while Kallie interferes with love. Danny has an opinion on Steve’s success, and Annelize has had it with everyone. Bronwyn’s name comes up in a serious conversation, and Quinton and Conrad are extremely worried about someone’s behaviour.    

Conrad tells Kallie to follow his own advice, and Zac’s plan is met with opposition. Elana has advice for Steve about his ex, while there is huge trouble at Tonik. Annelize rubs salt in Elana’s wounds, while Lika has a heartfelt conversation with her new friend.    
News from Rustenburg upsets Tertius tremendously, while Lexi’s safety becomes a priority. Kallie’s plan is focusing on restoring peace, and Elana’s uncertainty is addressed. Christmas decorations emphasises an idea, and Zac has a plan of his own.  

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