3 - 7 December 

Quinton’s observation leads to an uncomfortable situation for Chanel.  Steve can only divulge his heart’s secrets to one person, and Kallie’s words shatters At. Zac and Eben are becoming very close.  Kallie asks Lika to stay quiet. Court hearings make life more interesting.  

Trudie’s project is taking over her life, while Tertius and Lika concentrate on different things. Chanel is secretly excited about an activity and news about Eben spreads like wild fire. Conrad realises what Annelize’s heart’s desire is, while At observes strange behaviour in the Koster Mansion.                               

Quinton’s suggestion doesn’t get Ruben excited.  Lika fears her hopes and dreams are not aligned with those of Tertius, and Okkie tries to cheer up Trudie. Steve is caught between the two women in his life. Zac is not going to let Steve out of his cross hairs, and a patient agrees to invasive tests.       

Elana and Conrad have a fight over Steve, while Kallie’s choice shocks Lika. Naomi shares her suspicions with Louis. Zac and Eben share the plan with Tracy, while Conrad is left uneasy about the test results. Okkie and Trudie want to involve Binneland Clinic with their project.                            

Conrad asks Lika a favour, and Chanel’s imagination runs away with her. Tracy steals something of Annelize’s, while Elana is unhappy about information regarding Steve. There is nothing like an incidental meeting, and Kallie reprimands Conrad about the tests. 

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