7 - 11 January

Lika makes a decision, and Annelize shares news about MedFirst with At. Delia thinks she knows what is going on with MedFirst, and At mocks Adler with his new project. Tertius and Jax thinks Quinton has the wrong end of the stick. Adler demands Delia’s resignation. 

Louis makes a confession to Naomi, and Annelize introduces her sister to people. Delia gets an upsetting phone call, while Conrad has advice for At regarding Louis. Conrad is encouraged to call a board meeting. Jax gives René some advice, while Quinton plants a seed about NAGSKOF. Delia realises that Adler has it in for her.                               

Louis gets the cold shoulder in At’s office, and Annelize is stressed before the memorial. Al reads the builder the riot act, and Okkie admits his fears to Ilse. Jax asks Quinton to be a bit more tolerant towards René, while Delia blurts out her concerns to the most unlikely person.                                                

Naomi gets an unexpected phone call, while At is under the impression that Conrad is humiliating him. Monique tries to make sense of the strange car and the flowers, and Louis is not impressed with Naomi. Annelize tries to stay in At’s good books, while Delia realises what Adler is busy with. 

Conrad and At have a falling out because of Delia, and Quinton is caught off guard. Okkie discusses Louis with Ilse, while Conrad tries to confront Annelize. Love letters makes two sisters suspicious, and Ilse has advice for a girl about Quinton. Adler has a plan with Stan, and Conrad is seeking answers from Delia.

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