8- 12 April

Liebenberg takes the wind out of Conrad’s sails, and Roland explains his vision for his research to At.

Annelize takes At into her confidence – but doesn’t tell him everything. Trudie wants to find out more about autism, and Naomi realises that more than one man in her life is stressed about the future.                     

Louis insists that At and Conrad bury the hatchet – even if it is just for one night – while embryos become a crisis for more than one person. Tertius is determined to take care of his son.

Jax makes a big decision, and Karli words her fears about Tertius’s situation. Elana has to share shocking news with Conrad.                          

Annelize struggles to stay professional in the current circumstances, while Conrad is angered by Tertius’s timing. Tertius doesn’t recognise Sarah.

Everyone is worried about what will happen next – but there is one doctor that thinks he can save the day.                          

Okkie and Trudie have a tiff about Seb. Roland explains his plan to Annelize and Conrad.

Conrad explains to Steve and Elana what is going on – and that it is vital that it remains a secret.

Annelize has a potential solution that shocks Conrad and Elana to their cores.

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