Elana observes something very clearly on her return to Pretoria, and Okkie offers his assistance to Louis with the planning of the new Nagskof. Equipment causes Tracy to become suspicious, while Becker’s return also causes concern.

Rian is not blessed with patience, and there certainly is a snake in the grass when René goes looking for Hilda. Shocking information distresses Annelize.

Ingrid finds Annelize’s behaviour very strange, while bad news travels fast. Hilda Prins is not exactly what René expected, and Okkie’s assistance doesn’t relieve Louis’ underlying stress. Eben is going to have to know his story not to be caught out.

Ingrid sees something that she shouldn’t, and Naomi finds out about Louis’s blood pressure problems. René makes contact with Quinton, while it becomes very clear that Annelize’s ambition isn’t the only driving force in her life.

Tracy is stressed – with good reason – about Eben, while Rian makes a discovery that derails him.

Eben is under the impression that he understands Annelize better now, and Louis finds Naomi’s behavior strange. Rian uses his words to remain free from any suspicion, and René feels she and Quinton did the right thing. Tracy’s words makes Eben feel like a prisoner, while Annelize is burnt by Elana’s critique.

Ingrid gets suspicious of Eben and Annelize, and suddenly René’s heart finds its own voice. Annelize wonders about Tracy's motives when she challenges her once again. The tension between Louis and Naomi continues to grow.

Ingrid realises that Rian’s questions are not that innocent and Chanel asks the uncomfortable question.

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