Hugo tries to give Steve perspective, and Annelize needs to hide her visitor. Rupert is not the only that isn’t feeling great, while Danny is looking forward to his holiday. Maya’s treatment of René has nasty consequences, and Danny is livid with Rian concerning a pickpocketer.

Chanel is not unsure about her answer, and Steve can’t keep his tongue in check. At and Annelize are informed of a very important patient in Binneland Clinic, while Quinton notes something very upsetting in a patient’s file. 

At makes sure that Eben realizes he is not welcome in the hospital – and then insists on Annelize’s loyalty. René decides to get herself tested for MS, while attention to detail leads Tertius to a discovery. An olive branch is extended to Steve, and the doctors are trying to make sense of the medical riddle.

Quinton does his best to support René, and At insists that Maya and Tertius find a connection between the patients. Eben’s words cut deeply, while it is almost impossible to get information from Katryn. Lexi is disappointed in Steve, while Chanel and Danny’s holiday is also not going according to expectation.

Tracy doesn’t pay a visit without reason, and Annelize insists that Binneland Clinic’s IT system is investigated.

The infection gets more deadly, and the distribution a headache. Naomi asks René about Quinton, while the perplexing puzzle pieces slowly fall into place – and start to fit. Eben unnerves Annelize with the information that he has on her, while it becomes vital to find the error in the IT system.

It is not just Danny’s appetite for the holiday that is diminishing, and René gets another surprise at the pharmacy. 

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