1 - 5 October   

Steffy is stunned when Liam confides in her about Bill's terrible deed. Rick, Maya and R.J. speculate about the fire. Bill's unaffected reaction to Spectra going up in flames leaves Brooke bewildered.

Sally is about to be released from the hospital. Sally is overcome by her emotion to have Thomas back in town.
Saul and Shirley are ecstatic that Thomas is back and hope that Sally can convince him to help resurrect Spectra Fashions from the ashes. When Sally confesses her feelings for him, Thomas reciprocates them, yet he feels that it is his obligation to be with the mother of his child on her last days.

At Forrester Creations, Liam nearly sells out his father's terrible deed to an unsuspecting Brooke. Caroline calls out her Uncle Bill for his machinations as she feels sick about lying to Thomas about her health.

Bill attempts to persuade Caroline to leave L.A. as soon as possible in order to not risk a reunion between Thomas and Sally.   
Sheila sneaks into the security office of a startled Charlie. Quinn and Ridge share their concern over Sheila's influence on Eric. Liam pointblank reveals that Caroline is not dying and he also instructs the Lieutenant Baker to take his father into custody for committing arson at Spectra Fashions.     
Liam awakes from his vivid daydream. Liam and Steffy argue whether revealing Bill's lie would have an effect on Thomas’ decision to stay in New York.

Meanwhile, Caroline pays Bill another visit, but he reassures his niece that Thomas will stay with his family. Sheila's pious hope does not come true though as Ridge and Quinn are indeed very close. Ridge and Quinn reflect on ways to repair their relationship with Eric.         
Ridge and Rick complement Zende's latest designs. Maya tries to mask her insecurity with Nicole and Lizzy's bond, yet immediately runs to Rick to share her fears.

On top of the world that his plan is succeeding, Bill takes a meeting with C.J. to discuss the sale of the Spectra property. Liam interferes with Bill and C.J.'s negotiation, which infuriates Dollar Bill. 

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