12 - 16 November

Ridge anxiously awaits word from Brooke about her conversation with Bill, hoping that she decided to end her marriage. Katie surprises Ridge with the news that she is rooting for him and Brooke. Refusing to give up on her, Bill promises Brooke that he will put his differences with Liam aside and repair their broken family. 

Eric is happy that Mateo's massage skills managed to ease Quinn's back pain. Wyatt and Katie continue to spend a lot of private time together. R.J. is hopeful for a reunion of his parents, but Ridge and Brooke try to keep a lid on his expectations. 

Brooke confesses to Rick and Maya the messy details about her breakup with Bill.

Eric is forced to deal with the aftermath of Quinn's cruel behavior towards Katie.

Steffy coerces Bill into looking inward and making an admission of guilt regarding Liam.

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