15 - 19 October                

Sally is overjoyed by Liam's generosity and the gift to become owner of the Spectra Fashions building. Steffy gets Bill to admit that he went too far in his actions regarding Spectra.

Later, Brooke continues to be suspicious of Bill and pressures her husband to come clean to her. Steffy is distraught that Liam is not willing to compromise with Bill.

Sally announces to her stunned staff and family that Spectra Fashions will soon be back in business. 
Wyatt confidentially fills Katie in on the current dispute between Bill and Liam. In spite of Steffy's attempt to appeal to his emotions, Liam keeps his grip firm on the CEO chair of Spencer Publications and announces that he intends to use his power for the greater good.

Brooke demands that Bill tell her what Liam is holding over his head.

Ridge and Quinn are both relieved that Eric forgave Quinn and that Sheila is out of the picture. Meanwhile, Sheila calls Charlie for assistance in getting Quinn out of Eric's life for good.

Bill pleads with Brooke not to leave him. Steffy is concerned that her good guy-husband might become corrupted by power.

Brooke confides in Ridge that Bill did something horrible and that she will move back into her house because she needs space. Wyatt confronts Liam about how he was able to obtain the title of CEO from their father.

Later, Brooke cautions Liam to be watchful over Bill's impending revenge. Bill confesses to Steffy that as collateral damage to him losing his company and his son, Brooke has walked out on him. Steffy vows to help Bill get through this time of need.

Sally and the Spectra group tour their offices to check out the progress of the renovations following the fire. After learning that Thomas is not coming back, Shirley wonders how Sally was able to get her hands that quickly on the property and gain funding for the reconstruction.

Liam begins to make his first changes at Spencer Publications. Knowing that Justin still has his job, Bill questions his right-hand man whether he or Liam has his loyalty.

Wanting to reunite the family, Steffy pays a visit to Brooke at her house in an attempt to get her to forgive Bill. Sally extends a gift to Liam to show her appreciation.                          

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