19 - 23 November

Liam confronts Justin as he thinks that the lawyer is still secretly siding with his father. Justin remains evasive before rushing off to see Bill. Wyatt and Katie ponder what kind of reaction they will receive when Bill finds out about their relationship. Steffy informs Liam that Bill seriously wants to reconcile. 

Steffy makes another attempt to get Liam to drop the blackmail against Bill and to get rid of the evidence proving his father's guilt. Bill is pleased when Ken, the savvy computer tech, announces that he managed to wipe Liam's computer and cellphone files. 

Sheila pressures Mateo to accomplish the devious task that she has hired him to complete.

Eric informs Sheila that he has forgiven Quinn and nothing can come between them. Meanwhile at the Forrester Mansion, Quinn confronts Mateo for turning against Eric who put his trust in him by making him the new estate manager. Liam praises Steffy for bringing him and Bill together again.

Tension runs high when adversaries Quinn and Sheila find themselves staring each other down with Eric in between them.

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