22 - 26 October

Wyatt and Justin discover that Liam used 50 million dollars of company funds for the purchase of the Spectra site which is now apparently owned by Sally.

Liam admits to Steffy that he bought the Spectra building and gave it to Sally on basis of an interest-free loan.

While looking for his wife, Bill finds Ridge who has a list of taunting questions regarding why Brooke is so upset. R.J. confronts Brooke about her marriage to Bill and if there happens to be any chance of their family reuniting with Ridge.

Steffy warns Sally not to take advantage of Liam's kindness and generous nature. Later, Coco unsuccessfully questions Sally about the identity of the person who helped raise Spectra Fashions from the ashes.

Wyatt rants at Liam for using the enormous amount of money to buy the Spectra building and then give it away for no return on the investment.

Tired of Ridge's jeering, Bill threatens Ridge to stay away from Brooke and out of their marriage. R.J. attempts to get Brooke to admit that no other man in her life comes close to being her destiny than Ridge.
Ridge is pleasantly surprised when Eric wants to move past their conflict and instead focus on mending their father-son-relationship. Wyatt and Katie take a break from their romantic evening to divulge to each other the latest gossip from their respective families.

Bill makes a passionate plea to Brooke for her to forgive him for his misgivings. Later, Ridge and R.J. are stunned that Brooke ended her marriage to Bill, but try to reassure her that she did the right thing.
Rick, Maya and Katie attempt to console Brooke, who eventually breaks down and confides in Katie about why she left Bill.
Sally expresses her gratitude for Liam's help and vows to pay him back one day. Steffy promises Bill that she will be there for him in this time of need.

As Wyatt attempts to put together the clues that point towards Bill being associated with the Spectra fire, Katie subtly hints that his suspicion is correct.

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