26 - 30 November

Katie remains skeptical when Wyatt shares with her that Quinn will give them her blessing.

Bill surprises Liam and Wyatt with legal papers making the three of them co-CEOs of Spencer Publications.

As Steffy fills Ridge in on the Spencer family reconciliation, she also voices her concern over Liam's affection for Sally. Bill turns to Wyatt to be an ally in their future decisions regarding the company.

Liam feels betrayed by Bill when he learns that Sally does not own the Spectra building. Brooke begins to have second thoughts about divorcing Bill when she learns from Steffy that he and Liam have reconciled. Shirley calls Sally out on her feelings for Liam.

In order to avoid further conflict, Liam offers Bill several scenarios of compromise.

Liam sadly informs Sally that their plan to rebuild Spectra Fashions will not happen. Shirley urges Sally to fight and suggests classic peace protests as a means to stop Bill from tearing down the building. 

Bill fears that Liam is attached to Sally in a way he should not be.

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