29 October - 2 November

Brooke shuts down Ridge’s advances, but stresses that he has been her rock to get through the difficult time. Steffy reminds Liam about what could happen to the Spencer family if he and his father do not reconcile. Wyatt confronts Liam about blackmailing their father and ousting him from his own company.   
Wyatt turns down Liam's offer to become his brother's right-hand man. Meanwhile, Steffy and Bill share a deep understanding of each other as she lends a compassionate ear to his troubles and offers her assistance in solving them. Brooke keeps silent when questioned by Ridge what prompted her to cut all ties with Bill.
Quinn is pleased to have all of her problems with Sheila very far behind her. Meanwhile, Sheila receives laurels for her first week as a waitress from the restaurant manager. Later, Eric is taken aback to find Sheila at his door who informs him that she saw Katie and Quinn's son kissing. 

Sheila concocts a plan that she is confident will make her that next Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Liam surprises Sally with a gift to assist with the refurbishing of Spectra Fashions.

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