5- 9 November

Steffy accuses Sally of taking advantage of Liam's generosity. Wyatt informs Bill that Liam offered him to become his right-hand-man which he turned down. Bill is flooded with memories of a time when he and Steffy were very close.

Steffy complains about Liam taking Sally to San Francisco. Wyatt confides in Katie about Liam's urge to help Sally. Shirley and Darlita explain to Saul that Sally has found a powerful ally to get the company off the ground. Taking Steffy's advice seriously, Sally attempts to back out of the trip with Liam. 

Liam makes it crystal clear to Sally that their trip to San Francisco is strictly business.

Bill sees red when Justin gives him the 411 on Liam's exorbitant spending at Spencer Publications.

Charlie urges Sheila to accept that Eric is happily married. Quinn is over the moon after another massage from Mateo. Rick, Maya and Eric wonder why Brooke walked away from Bill. Brooke interrogates Katie about her current love life after she has notices a new and positive attitude in her sister. 

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