8 - 12 October                

Ridge and Steffy discuss the complex relationship between Bill and Liam. Over at Spencer Publications, Bill is amazed by Liam's audacity to try and push him out of the company.

Rick questions Maya's extreme plan to send Nicole and Zende off to Paris. As a final gesture to repay for past mistakes, Sally boldly offers Steffy a batch of designs as a peace offering. Ridge makes a stunned Zende and Nicole the offer to take over positions at Forrester International.                                     

Bill fumes over Liam's ultimatum. Brooke is surprised to hear that Bill is thinking of taking some time off from the company. Steffy and Sally have a heart-to-heart.

C.J. breaks the news that he is selling the building to Bill. Steffy is alarmed to hear that Liam is actually willing to send his father to prison if he does not step down from Spencer Publications. Vivienne and Julius are shocked when they learn that Zende and Nicole may be moving to Paris.
Steffy urges Liam to carefully consider if he is willing to ruin the relationship with his father in exchange for the new power position at Spencer Publications. Justin advises Bill to comply with Liam's ultimatum. Katie and Wyatt revel in their happiness while still in bed.

Bill confirms that he is stepping down as CEO and he does not leave without letting Liam know how he really feels about the whole situation.   
Liam announces that Bill has stepped down and that he is the CEO of Spencer Publications. Wyatt is completely blindsided by his brother's unexpected declaration and seeks out answers from Bill. Bill does not reveal what prompted his leave of absence.

Despite the many questions to Bill about his unusual behavior, Brooke is equally left in the dark about her husband's situation. Justin let Bill know that he will keep a close eye on Liam. Later, Bill sinks in Steffy's arms as he begins to cry about being a terrible father to his son.
A fire marshal accompanies the Spectra gang on a tour through the remnants of their former work space. C.J. can hardly believe his luck when he arrives at Spencer Publications in order to sell his now useless property to Bill and finds Liam in charge instead.

Later, Sally receives the most unexpected happy news that she will be able to finally to prove herself as a designer.

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