12 – 16 September

Eric and Serena revisit their romantic history, acknowledging they were once deeply in love in Africa. When Eric decided to join the priesthood, they parted ways.

Serena hopes they’ll be able to spend time together now that she’ll be working in Salem.
Melanie and Theresa get into a major catfight. When Melanie tells Daniel she met Theresa, he warns her to steer clear.

Meanwhile, Theresa meets up with Anne and rants about what a nightmare Melanie turned out to be. Anne hints they can get back at her by preventing her from getting her old job back.
Daniel is honest with Jennifer about his growing feelings for Nicole.

Ben and Abigail share a hot, private moment in the hospital conference room when Jordan interrupts. Jordan admits things are a bit rocky between her and Chad and reiterates things are definitely over with Rafe. Later, Rafe drops by to talk to Jordan.
Sonny is surprised when Will and Arianna return home. Will claims they are back to stay because they missed Sonny so much.

However, in private, Will makes a secret (one-way) call to Sami, and it’s revealed he was let go from the screenplay job. Meanwhile, Sonny admits to Adrienne plans for the new club are not going well at all even though he put a good face on it for Will.
Zoe tells Paul she wants an exclusive on the story of his surgery for Sonix. Chad and Jordan make love for the first time.
Abigail brings Ben a small Christmas tree, which they decorate together. 

Rafe arrives at the DiMera mansion looking for Chad, but Kate gleefully informs him that Chad didn’t come home last night. She makes it clear he was probably with Jordan.

Chad and Jordan wake up together and make love. Later, she runs into Rafe and asks him to stop his investigation. Rafe thinks this is about Chad - but Jordan was talking about Clyde.

She’s incensed to realize he’s also going after Chad now. 
Aiden reminds Chase not to speak about his mother, stating what they shared together as a family is private and their business – no one else’s.

Meanwhile, Kayla admits to Hope that her friend, Lisa Tjaden, has encouraged her to sign up for a dating web site, and Hope urges her to go for it.

Aiden and Hope share a kiss, which is witnessed by Kayla and Lisa. Lisa makes a mysterious phone call. Later, Hope receives a call from Lisa’s sister, Bree, who warns her to stay away from Aiden!
Hope is stunned when Bree warns her that dating Aiden is a huge mistake – he’s a monster and Bree doesn’t want to see Hope end up like her friend, Meredith. Hope pulls Aiden into a passionate kiss.
Serena catches up with Kayla and Marlena, and also stands her ground with Anne at the hospital. She briefly meets Jennifer, then gets down to business with Eric. They go back to his place to pick up their conversation in private. 

Serena then asks him out on a date.

Hope kisses Aiden to keep him from walking out – and they make love.

Afterwards, she gets emotional and tells him she understands why he’s so sensitive about talking about his past, because she’s the same way when it comes to Bo. 
Daniel and Nicole nearly share a kiss but pull back, both aware of their decision to keep things friends-only – at least for now. 
Melanie gets blindsided when Anne denies her a job at the hospital. Theresa watches with delight until Brady arrives and sets Anne straight. He then takes out his anger on Theresa, warning her they can co-exist peacefully but not if she chooses to go after people he cares about.

Melanie returns and overhears just enough about Theresa’s pregnancy scare to accuse her of trying to entrap Brady.
Victor threatens to expose Clyde but Clyde reveals he has dirt on Victor that he would not hesitate to use. 

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