Deimos continues with his plan to “rescue” Nicole, and Maggie is glad he’s being pro-active. Nicole is tormented by her abductor. Chad, with Kate’s support, is going after the amulet in Greece, but she doesn’t want him to go alone. He drops Thomas off with Abigail and she questions if his trip is legit.

Chad prepares to leave to pick up the stolen amulet, first getting resistance from his superstitious employees, and then Abigail and Hope. JJ fusses over a recovering Lani, who hides her Halo withdrawal from her boyfriend. Tripp comes to a bullied Joey's aid.

Angling to escape, Nicole tries to connect with her abductor. Once left alone, Nicole tries to befriend the men guarding the villa. She’s stunned when one of the guards turns out to be Eric! Sonny keeps an eye on Deimos, still believing he may have had a hand in Nicole’s kidnapping.

Marlena is upset to learn Valerie is putting Brady on an organ transplant list. Gabi and Abe arrange a meeting between Eli and Valerie, who share a meaningful conversation.

Eric convinces Nicole to escape as soon as they find Holly. Hope finds Chad in Greece. They are joined by Andre, who tells Hope everything about the amulet, including the curse, which scares him. Theo is distressed that Wyatt is using Ciara.  He tells Wyatt they need to call the deal off.

Eric attacks Nicole’s abductor, but is subdued. Sonny and Paul tell Justin that they plan to fly to Greece in pursuit of Deimos. Gabi learns that Eduardo pleaded guilty. Chloe visits Brady. She apologizes for blaming him for Holly’s disappearance. Theo tells Wyatt he will no longer support his relationship with Ciara.

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